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Gemstone & Essential Oil infused Energy Purifying Mist


With Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils, clear quartz, and Australian Mookaite Jasper to cleanse and shield from negative energy. Gemstones have been cleansed and charged under each Full Moon.

Gently shake to incorporate ingredients then spray on crystals to cleanse their vibes, on yourself to knock out nasties clinging to your aura, and around the home to lift stagnant energies

For thousands of years, many cultures have used smoke ceremonially, to heal, cleanse, and warn away bad spirits or energy, making way for higher energetic vibrations; using herbs, tree leaves and bark, and other plant material native and abundant to its people that contain relevant properties to the type of ceremony and its desired outcome.

While the North American Indigenous peoples’ practice of lighting sage and Smudging has been adapted and used frequently in Western Society in the form of smudge-sticks, the act of Smoking, practiced by the Traditional owners of this Land, I feel, is far more potent due to its relevance to this country and its history.

It may not always be possible to perform a Smoking - weather, location, personal health, or religious beliefs of others may be some of the reasons restricting ritual. It is also strongly encouraged for non-indigenous people to create your own ceremony, one that reflects your personal spiritual beliefs and practices. This is mine….

Physical smoke has its place in ritual, but while pregnant with my son was not one of them. I had to create something that was effective at cleansing and releasing negative or stagnant energy, and raising vibrations; it didn’t feel right inhaling smoke in to a body I now shared, regardless of my belief of its healing and cleansing properties. I learnt about the significance of a Smoking, connection to Spirit, Country, Lore and Family from my sons father, a proud Bangerang man, and find the more I learn, the deeper my connection to this land becomes, for which I am forever grateful.

The ingredients of my Smoke, my ritual, were chosen for their physical and emotional healing, and Spiritual properties. They are also predominantly native to this country, with continued significant meaning to its First People.

Label is Australian made by Black Rainbow Printing, who meet the highest sustainable print standards in Australia, using non toxic inks, solar power & recycled paper: zero carbon manufacturing.


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