My Urban Cottage is a small business making skincare and wellness products in small batches, and a creative events venue in Shepparton, Victoria rolled in to one.

I wanted an empowering space where people could interact with like minded locals while learning new skills, expressing themselves through hands on creation and art - because some of the things I personally crave are connection, community, and a way to creatively express myself. It only made sense to make a supportive and nurturing platform available to invite the tribe in!

Something I truly love is making wellness products. My first career was in a kitchen as a qualified chef. It was so much fun, writing and testing seasonal menus, experimenting with new food combinations and out of the box ways to present the hungry patrons with a feast for the eyes, too, not to mention the adrenaline rush of service! Once I had my son I had no intention of going back to the hours a chef does, but wanted to stay creative in the kitchen. It is deeply satisfying making bath soaks, deodorant paste, salves, and all manner of skincare and wellness products, I hope you enjoy using them as much as I do making them for you. 


One last thing I am passionate about and would like to share with you: our impact on this earth. I am constantly looking at ways that I can incorporate sustainable, environmentally friendly practices and packaging into my business model. I offer minimal if not plastic free packaging, an option to return your empty bottles so that they may be reused instead of recycled, and zero carbon footprint labels created in Melbourne. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them, send me an email!


Come and join me in a workshop soon, I'd love to meet you.