Refill Program

Self care, however that looks for you, is so important; just as important as looking after where we live. Mother Earth depends on us to care for her - for our part we have created a few impact reducing solutions so that you can choose one that best suits you.

We offer our products in really good quality, beautiful looking glassware designed to be used again and again. Once you've scraped the bottom of the jar, order a refill pack - same quality product, same amount - packaged in a biodegradable pouch. Not only are you contributing less waste to the environment, but you're saving money as the refill option plus postage is cheaper than the cost of a jarred option. Already have pretty jars at home and just want to start with our refill pouches? We don't mind at all, put that jar you've been treasuring for something special to good use!

Like the jars? Have things at home you'd love to store in them? Need some drinking glasses or smoothie jars? Great! Collect them, wash in warm soapy water, remove the label, et viola! their uses are as limitless as your imagination. Look at you, storing your stuff all chic. Love it!

If your empty jars are in good knick (free from chips, cracks etc.) and haven't been used for anything other than MUC product, send them back or drop them off to the studio to be washed, sterilised and refilled. Take care in wrapping them in newspaper so that they travel safely and send them on their way.